Pilates for Beginners: What Should My Goals Be?

If you are just starting Pilates classes, it is likely because you are in search of some form of the balanced body. Whether it be wanting to look better or feel better, every person who has ever gotten involved in Pilates has done it with some sort of goal in mind. So what goals should a beginner be setting as they begin their journey? The Sheppard Method Pilates blog is here to help you set those goals.

Why Are You Looking to Get Involved with Pilates?

As you start to line up goals for yourself with your Pilates regimen, it is important to know why you are getting involved in the first place. Knowing the overarching goal of your workout will help you develop smaller goals going forward. Are you wanting to look better? Maybe you are wanting to lose weight? Or, perhaps you want to feel better and are starting because you want to be healthier.

This goal may be a very broad stroke, but it will help you know how to proceed in your workout regimen.

What Goals Should I Be Setting?

If you know why you are wanting to start a Pilates workout, it is easier to set attainable–yet, lofty–goals for yourself, even as a beginner. These goals will differ as your motivations change and as your skill level changes. Let’s say your overarching goal is to look better. This will often mean that you are wanting to lose weight, but it can also mean you are looking for a more toned body.

As far as weight loss, set an early, realistic target for your first month. Do you want to lose 5 pounds in the first month? Maybe 10 pounds? Or do you want to see you slim down your waist? Whatever the goal may be, make sure that you set a measurable goal. One thing that can hinder your progress is setting goals with no real objective outcome, such as “I want to workout once a week.” That’s a good aspiration, but what is the end game?

If you are wanting to become healthier, your goals will look different. Perhaps you want to have less back pain when you wake up in the morning, or you want to be able to run with your significant other without having to take breaks. These goals may be tougher to measure on paper, but your body will give you results.

Let Your Goals Push You!

While you certainly want to set goals that are measurable and see results, you may just want to push your body as a beginner. It is still wise to set actual goals as you start, but as your body gets accustomed to your new Pilates workout, you just want to make sure you are working your body. It’s easy to show up for a class, go through the motions, and not accomplish anything. You will see this at the end of the month when you haven’t reached any of your goals, but you can help make sure you reach those goals by pushing yourself; not excessively, but enough that it might leave you a little bit sore for the first few sessions.

Sheppard Method Pilates Is Here to Help

Even if you are committed to setting goals for yourself, it can be hard to know what goals to set as an individual if you aren’t experienced. That is where Sheppard Method Pilates comes into play. Our diverse selection of classes and elite instructors are devoted to customizing your Pilates experience to your individual needs and desires. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information.