Sheppard Method Pilates Teaches Classical Pilates for All Levels

At Sheppard Method Pilates, our Westwood Pilates instructors are classically trained so that we carry on the tradition and dedication of Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates. We are proud to lead students of all levels through their Pilates practice so that they can thrive, grow, and get stronger as they perform each exercise. Although various Pilates methods are available, and new classes pop up every day, the classical Pilates moves are intended to be performed methodically, in sequence, and with a strong intention for the mind, body, and soul connection.

When you are ready to learn about classical Pilates or are interested in taking classes in an already established practice, call Sheppard Method Pilates. We are here to help you learn classical Pilates in a safe and fun environment.

Classical Pilates Defined

The phrase “Classical Pilates” describes the traditional series of movements, or exercises, designed by Joseph Pilates and performed in the specific sequencing he intended. The exercises completed in his sequencing are meant to achieve a complete connection between body, mind, and soul.

The exercises in classical Pilates retain the names given by Joseph Pilates. They are intended to be taught in the same sequence at each level but will build upon each other in a more and more challenging way. The three levels designed by Joseph Pilates are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level utilizes the same moves taught in the level before but with more strenuous emphasis.

Each class is taught in a unique, dynamic rhythm designed so the exercises are performed with control and precision. This control is what makes Pilates so incredibly effective.

3 Classical Pilates Traits

There are three general traits that you can find across the board when researching classical Pilates class options:

  1. Classical Pilates is the purest version of the Pilates methods using Joseph Pilates’s original exercises in his sequences, using his original machines or apparatus.
  2. Each classically trained instructor is required to complete at least 600 training hours before being allowed to teach classical Pilates.
  3. The classically trained Pilates instructor will teach while honoring the curves of the spine and teach Pilates to the specific body of each student.

Learn Classical Pilates at Sheppard Method Pilates

Our classes in Classical Pilates aim to provide a platform for comprehensive learning that offers a mind-body connection you may not get in the gym or other group settings. Classical Pilates taught at Sheppard Method Pilates by our Westwood Pilates instructors offers a spiritual component when you dive within and push the body and mind to perform each exercise. You can discover the power of Pilates with individual classes, group classes, and classes incorporating different Pilates apparatuses.

Trust classical Pilates to change your life when you begin a dedicated practice and give each class your all. Schedule your Pilates classes with a Westwood Pilates instructor at Sheppard Method Pilates. Call today to get started!