How Useful is At Home Pilates Equipment in Your Pilates Practice?

A traditional Pilates practice involves mat Pilates, standardized Pilates machines, and adherence to a methodology that is efficient and accessible for all levels of students. When you cannot practice Pilates in a studio or class and need to practice at home, the equipment you use can make all the difference. For those of us who cannot afford a Pilates Reformer or Cadillac, or who do not have the space for the machines, there are other options to choose from. One option for at-home Pilates is the Pilates Wheel of Fitness, but how effective is this Pilates tool in practicing traditional Pilates exercises?

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What Is the Pilates Wheel of Fitness?

The wheel of fitness in Pilates is a portable Pilates device that was created to act in the same way as the mechanics of the Reformer in doing Pilates exercises. It can be broken down for travel or storage and then set up using elastic cords and wheels to aid in movements.

The wheel is adjustable and allows you to complete the different Pilates moves at home without a large piece of equipment and instead of going to a studio or gym. It works for many of the exercises that you do when using a Pilates Reformer, but not all, as some require a more intricate setup than the wheel of fitness can provide.

The wheel of fitness gives you access to all of the moves that typically require a full-size machine but will less financial commitment and less permanent space needed for setting up.

Is the Pilates Wheel of Fitness Efficient?

The wheel of fitness is a good choice for doing Pilates exercises at home, following along with the provided instruction or online classes, as long as you can create the space needed for full use of the wheel. The wheel does best on a hard surface so that the wheels will roll correctly and remain stable.

The wheel’s efficacy is based on the user’s dedication to the exercises because they are performed at home, requiring self-motivation and commitment. You must be committed to doing the work and performing each move correctly. If you stick to the directions and work based on your level of expertise, then you are sure to have success and achieve positive results when using this equipment.

It can be a great addition to your at-home or on-the-go Pilates routine, with proper form, focus, and consistency.

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When you’re ready to take your fitness to a new level, consider the plentiful benefits of the practice of Pilates. Pilates targets the stabilizing muscles of the core while working all parts of the body with precise movements that challenge your traditional muscle control. Pilates is unique in that much of the exercise is done with only your body weight as resistance. But with the addition of machines like the Reformer and Cadillac, as well as the wheel of fitness, you can continually increase the challenge.

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