Athletic Performance Can be Improved with Private Pilates Lessons Offered Right Here in Westwood, CA

With athletes such as LeBron James, Henrik Lundquist, and Jake Arrieta doing Pilates, it’s easy to see how private Pilates improves athletic performance. These are some of the best athletes in their individual sports. So how do private Pilates classes help athletes like these get the best out of their athletic performance? Today Sheppard Method Pilates, located in Westwood, California breaks down the incredible performance benefits that come with consistent private Pilates sessions.

It Increases Speed

Pilates helps you to be more flexible and loose. By not being tightened up when playing sports, you’ll be able to run more freely. You’ll also be able to get your full range of running motion without any soreness or pain. Of course, Pilates also increases your overall strength, so you’ll be faster overall thanks to this.

It Helps to Prevent Injury

Athletes need to lift weights to keep their body strong and in peak physical condition. Lifting weights can make your body sore and tight as the muscles try to repair themselves. Pilates allows you to give your muscles more flexibility and a greater ability to heal. This is a great preventative measure for making sure you aren’t as prone to injury. A balanced body is essential to reducing your chance of injury, and private Pilates provides just that.

It Gives You Control of Your Body

At high levels, athletes need to be able to have complete domain of their body. Private Pilates allows you to practice control and balance, so you’re better at getting your body where it needs to be. Whether this means twisting to make a catch or exploding past a defender for a tough layup, control of your body makes you a more competitive athlete.

It Gives You More Explosiveness

A Pilates reformer is the perfect addition to a private Pilates session, and they’re great for increasing your explosive power. By strengthening all aspects of your body, you can be quicker and more responsive than other athletes. This is crucial to putting you a step above the rest.

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