Preparing to Get Your Pilates Certification

Preparing to get your Pilates certification might be a little stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you prepare properly and know what to expect, getting your Pilates certification can be much easier. Today in the Sheppard Method Pilates blog, we’ll be going over some good techniques and tactics you can use to get ready for your certification exam.

Make Sure It’s Something You Want to Do

The first step to getting your Pilates certification is always taking a step back and asking yourself if Pilates is something you want to do and be dedicated to. The principles and mechanics of Pilates require passion and dedication to teach. Ask yourself if you could see yourself teaching these principles to others and enjoying it. If you loving people and helping people get a balanced body and mind, then you’re ready to start preparing!

Make a Comprehensive Study Plan

Your Pilates certification exam will be comprehensive, so make sure your study plan is too! Making a study calendar helps many people to stay organized. Figure out how much study time you’ll need to understand and learn all of the material. Then schedule that time out in manageable increments so that you don’t get burnt out. Break your study up into times to learn mechanics, anatomy, principles, and science and use other times to practice your technique and form.

Create a Study Guide that Works for You

If you’ve ever studied for a class in school, you probably already know what works best for you. Whether this means making an outline or a study guide, you do whatever helps you learn. We suggest cue cards since they allow you to easily test yourself on the most important information. The important thing is that you actually grasp and understand the information. You’re probably getting your Pilates certification so you can teach Pilates, so you have to be able to explain everything if a client has questions.

Get Your Pilates Certification Through Sheppard Method Pilates

Sheppard Method Pilates offers the opportunity to get your Pilates certification through us. If you’re passionate and driven, teaching Pilates may be the perfect career for you. To teach, you have to get your Pilates certification, so make sure you get it through a reputable, professional place. Our study course is completely comprehensive and designed to make you the best Pilates professional you can possibly be. Contact Sheppard Method Pilates today to learn more, or browse our website for more information.