Empty pilates studio with equipment

Basic Necessities for Your Pilates Studio

You have recently become a certified pilates instructor and now you want to open your first pilates studio. Before you get started, there are many important questions you will need to ask yourself such as:

  • Where should I open my studio?
  • How much space do I need?
  • What are some basic essentials for my studio?

Continue reading to explore the answers to these important questions below.

Where Should I Open My Pilates Studio?

There are several places where you can open your own pilates studio. This is an important factor because location can make or break the success of your studio. One option is to rent a building or space for your studio. This is probably the most ideal option, however, just starting out, you might have trouble obtaining clientele.

Another option is to lease a space inside an existing wellness center, health or fitness club, or a therapy center. Leasing a space with an already existing club or center will help your pilates studio become established and may attract more clientele.

How Much Space Do I Need?

The amount of space you need is dependent on you. You need to consider how many people you expect to have at your studio, the size of your offered classes, and the size of your equipment. Taking these few things into consideration will help you determine the appropriate amount of space for your pilates studio.

What Are Some Basic Essentials for My Pilates Studio?

There are several basic necessities that can enhance a client’s experience at your pilates studio. One thing to make sure to have is basic equipment that clients can rent or borrow. Basic pilates equipment includes mats, pilates reformers, exercise balls, and chairs. If you are unable to provide this equipment at your pilates studio, you can always request that clients bring their own equipment such as mats and exercise balls.

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