There are several benefits to practicing Pilates that are scientifically backed. This includes balancing and managing hormonal changes! One of the most cited symptoms of an imbalanced endocrine system is lower energy levels. This can cause a domino effect on how you feel in terms of happiness and health. Luckily, the Westwood team at Sheppard Method Pilates can help you develop a practice that regulates your hormones, thereby increasing body awareness and overall energy levels. All so you can live as your best, most healthy self.

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Pilates’ Influence on Hormonal Levels

There are several indications of hormonal imbalance, particularly in women (though men suffer from dysregulated hormones as well!). High stress levels, pre and postnatal recovery, polycystic ovarian syndrome, natural phases of aging such as perimenopause and menopause, other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, your personal diet, PMS, and even over-exercising can all dysregulate how your endocrine system releases and manages your body’s hormones.

While there is not a catch-all solution that addresses any and all causes of hormonal imbalance, there are several scientific studies that have backed Pilates as a method to address the effects of various indicators, and even help your body to release the necessary hormones to provide symptom relief.

In some cases, hormone regulation can be achieved through Pilates practice, as its low-intensity methods of movement release tension in the body, lowering cortisol and releasing endorphins. Through the strong mind and body connection in Pilates with intentional breathwork, this gentle practice physically oxygenates the body by increasing blood flow and encouraging healthy circulation. Deep muscle engagement also improves nervous system communication, which improves your natural hormone release. Through this relationship between relaxation and movement, decreased stress hormones (cortisol) and increased happy hormones (serotonin) can provide relief from muscle fatigue, mood swings, and overall energy levels.

How Hormones Affect Energy Levels and Moods

For women going through menopause or recovering pre and post-natal, debilitating energy loss can interfere with and impact multiple dimensions of life! Additionally, low energy is often the last warning sign that your hormones may be suffering dysregulation. If you aren’t sure exactly why you are feeling extra sluggish lately, you may be able to determine your low energy is caused by hormonal changes if you are also experiencing:

  • Mood swings, specifically anxiety and depression
  • Prolonged headaches (that often cannot be relieved with hydration or OTC medication)
  • Trouble sleeping – even when feeling low in energy!
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Change in appetite or metabolism
  • Other gastro issues such as constipation and/or bloating
  • Dramatic weight gain or loss
  • Hormonal acne
  • Muscle loss, fatigue, and achiness

For menstruating individuals, natural hormonal changes can just be part of a normal menstrual cycle. Estrogen is generally dominant in the first half, increasing testosterone and cortisol along with it, while progesterone takes over the second half, slowing your overall system down (this, of course, can differ for those with irregular cycles). However, because Pilates can help regulate how and when hormones are released, even if you do not think you are dealing with hormonal imbalance, Pilates can especially help relieve the increase of stress and mood swings during the estrogen-dominant phase and the decrease in energy during the Luteal phase.

Increasing Energy Levels with Pilates

We often hear general exercise as a way to combat low energy, but it is difficult to imagine working out when deep exhaustion caused by hormonal dysregulation sets in. Luckily, Pilates offers a low-impact, accessible option to encourage relaxation while combatting low energy levels through hormonal regulation.

Whether you are balancing hormonal changes, or simply managing a busy life, Pilates has been proven to increase energy levels and help you live a balanced and fulfilled. Through regulation of the endocrine system and lowering cortisol levels, to improvement of the nervous system and increasing endorphin release throughout the body, regular Pilates practice will encourage a full mind and body transformation, from the inside out.

Regular PILATES practice is scientifically proven to decrease stress levels, regulate hormones, and increase energy levels

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