Finding the Right Pilates Studio

Physical fitness is often put off because we can’t seem to find the right gym or studio. Whether it be because of lackluster facilities or annoying gym mates, it isn’t easy finding a spot that is the right fit for you. Finding a Pilates studio is no different, and finding the right studio often requires a lot of time and effort. Luckily, the Sheppard Method Pilates blog is here to help you find the right Pilates studio for you by showing you a few things to look for when searching for a Pilates membership.

Finding the Right Instructors

Unless you have extensive experience with Pilates, you will likely be heavily reliant on your Pilates instructor as you go through your program. In searching for the right Pilates studio, finding the right instructor will play an important role in your decision, especially if you are signing on for private instruction.

Finding the right instructors has many potential factors, including proper certification and teaching style. When it comes to certification, you have to be more vigilant in your research of instructors than with other professions because not all certifications are created equal. Meaning that if you have the cash and some time to study the material, you can pass an exam and be certified rather quickly. With an instructor, you want to find someone with a more reputable certification. A good rule of thumb is finding an instructor with 200-300 hours of training, instruction and student teaching.

Style is also important in your search, as certain instructors may be abundantly qualified, but not a good fit for your specific personality.

What Classes Does This Pilates Studio Offer?

Again, many people in search of a Pilates studio are people without a whole lot of Pilates experience. So, finding a Pilates studio with a variety of different classes and workshops that fit your personal goals is a crucial factor in finding the right fit. For example, if you are a beginner, it is important for you to begin your Pilates journey in a beginners level class, rather than being in a class with intermediate or experienced members.

Most of us are also under the demands of a tight schedule and budget, which makes finding a studio with a wide schedule of classes at competitive pricing an important factor, as well. Flexibility is key in finding the right Pilates studio so as to be able to pursue a balanced body without having to break the bank or drastically alter your schedule.

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