Backed by more than 5 years of experience in practicing Pilates, Emily Carr Anderson knew it was time for her to dive deeper into what had become her passion. As a former accountant whose primary job was to handle numbers and other mundane tasks, Emily felt as if something was missing. That’s when the pandemic occurred. Emily knew that waiting was no longer an option and she decided that a career change was necessary. Her love for movement would be used as the goal to help others move their bodies through her favorite practice, Pilates!

As an adolescent, Emily lived an active life and spent much of her years as both a swimmer and gymnast. In time, she would learn to discover the power, variety and community of Pilates group classes. After attending just a few, Emily was completely addicted and decided that she would never look back from her love for Pilates. The further in love with the practice that she fell, the more she was convinced that becoming a Pilates instructor was her next and greatest move.

Now, Emily is an adored Pilates instructor at Sheppard Method Pilates, whose greatest passion is helping people move and feel more connected to their bodies by placing an emphasis on Pilates’ most important principles, body, mind, and spirit.

Emily’s favorite part about teaching at Sheppard Method Pilates in being led and taught by the world renown Risa Sheppard, whose emphasis has and always will be on community, small clalss sizes, and great Pilates equipment!


  • Bachelor’s of Science in Business Accounting
  • Certified Pilates Instructor, Sheppard Method Teacher Training Program, Certified by Pilates Method Alliance