Private Pilates for Dancers

Private Pilates is Great for Dancers

Dancers and pilates go together like cereal and milk. One of the most important aspects of dancing is having complete control over your body. What better way to achieve this than creating and maintaining a balanced body at Sheppard Method Pilates? There are tons of benefits that private pilates sessions at Sheppard Method Pilates can offer dancers. Read on to learn more!

Complete Control

Pilates is all about getting in tune with your body and learning what it can do. With this skill comes complete control of your faculties. When you’re a dancer, these skills are essential. Pilates also greatly strengthens your core, which is another crucial element of dancing. Private pilates sessions with Sheppard Method can help you to achieve this.


Another thing that all dancers need is flexibility. Pilates helps even the most unbendable bodies to become pliable. With practice and focus, you can greatly improve your flexibility. Pilates helps you to learn proper breathing and helps you to find your limits. Once you’ve discovered those limits, you can begin working to break through them.

Mental Balance

Dancing and practice can be tough and rigorous. Pilates is a low impact exercise. When dancers practice pilates they find a space where they can clear their mind and relax. This relaxation helps to relieve stress and focus your mental acuity. A sharp, clear mind is an important weapon in a dancer’s arsenal. Next time you go into the studio, you’ll be ready to nail your routine and hit every cue.

Why Private Pilates?

When you take private pilates sessions, you are able to get one-on-one attention from your instructor. With private pilates sessions, we can focus on what would benefit you the most. They can base their session plan on your needs as a dancer and help you to reach your balanced body goals. The instructors at Sheppard Method Pilates are all highly qualified and trained to help you achieve the best results and reach your maximum potential.

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Whether you dance or not, pilates can help to enrich your life in many ways. A balanced body can help anyone to improve their mind, body, and spirit. If you have any questions about Sheppard Method Pilates and our private pilates sessions, feel free to contact us or view our website for more information. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you find your potential!