Private Pilates instructor assists client with brain injury

How Sheppard Method Private Pilates Improves Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is a terrifying situation that brings about a plethora of unexpected issues and situations. Brain injuries affect each person differently and require specialized care. Recovery from a traumatic brain injury is a long and arduous process involving months of rehabilitation and adjustment to a new way of life. Maintaining physical fitness often falls to the wayside in situations with brain injuries due to restricted mobility or worries about increased injury with higher impact workouts. While achieving high-intensity fitness goals may no longer be achievable, private Pilates workouts that strengthen the core muscles and improve flexibility can significantly improve the health and wellness of someone suffering from a brain injury.

Low impact, high flexibility

Pilates workouts are low impact – almost all the exercises are done from a seated or laid down position with or without the use of a Pilates reformer. This reduces the possibility of injury to both the brain and other parts of the body. Instead on focusing solely on intense physical achievements such as lifting weights or running a marathon, Pilates workouts increase core strength and flexibility. For those who have limited mobility or may be confined to a wheelchair, increased core strength is incredibly important for their overall health and well-being. Improved core strength and muscle agility helps to prevent secondary health issues and makes recovery all the more possible. Whether it be in a group setting or a private Pilates class, the benefits from Sheppard Method Pilates are advantageous for those suffering from brain injuries. Pilates workouts are achievable with the help of a trained Pilates instructor, regardless of the starting fitness level or physical restrictions.

Benefits of Private Pilates

The benefits of private Pilates are great for a wide variety of people, but especially for those suffering from a traumatic brain injury. A private Pilates workout creates a personalized and issue-specific focus, creating the best opportunity for recovery and improvement. A trained Pilates instructor will create a series of workouts to best benefit the needs of the person with the traumatic brain injury. The personalized care and focus can also help with those who are uncomfortable in large group settings, allowing them to achieve their personal fitness goals without being in a situation where they wouldn’t feel at ease. Private Pilates workouts also allow the Pilates instructor to be able to track progress and adjust workouts to encompass new and changing fitness goals for the best results.