Balanced Body & Balanced Mind

A Balanced Body Can Help You Have a Balanced Mind

Physical and mental health can often go hand in hand. Exercise has been shown to boost mood and energy levels. That’s part of what we mean by having a balanced body. When you have a balanced body, you also have a balanced mind and spirit.

Physical Balance

When you’re in tune with your body you have physical balance. Pilates activates this connection with your body by showing you what you can do. It shows you your limits and allows you to learn to push through them. Pilates stretches you and warms your muscles. It also strengthens your core. The more you practice pilates, the greater your physical capabilities become. You are able to truly understand your body and learn when you can push harder and when you need to rest. You also will expand your range of motion and help make your body more resistant to injury and strain. Physical balance is a huge part of having a balanced body.

Mental Balance

Mental balance is the other huge aspect of achieving a balanced body. When you practice pilates, you are able to balance yourself emotionally and mentally. When you’re balanced mentally, you’ll find that you have higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook. This positivity and confidence is a huge facet of mental balance.

How They Combine to Create a Balanced Body

Physical balance and mental balance coalesce to create a balanced body. They supplement and encourage each other. When you become more balanced physically, you become more balanced mentally. That is one of the primary goals of pilates, and our mission here at Sheppard Method Pilates. By nourishing your physical and mental balance, you can live a better life. When you practice pilates, you’ll find that your life is enriched. A positive mindset combined with exercise is one of the best things you can do for your happiness.

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