Relieve Yourself of Back Pain at Sheppard Method Pilates

Visit Sheppard Method Pilates to Relieve Back Pain

Based on articles by the University of Maryland Medical Center, the University of North Carolina, and the American Physical Therapy Association, the medical community appears to agree that anywhere from 60% to 80% of the American population suffers from lower back pain. Sheppard Method Pilates can help anyone dealing with a sore lower back. The exercises you will find at our Sheppard Method Pilates studio will help you not only cope with back pain but reduce the pain over time.

How Does Pilates Reduce Back Pain?

When you properly perform our Sheppard Method Pilates exercises, you reduce pain in two different ways. You give yourself immediate release and strengthen muscles that will take pressure off of your back. Most back pain stems from improper use of or weak abdominal and back muscles. When you follow your Pilates instructor and properly exercise those muscles, you learn new ways to engage with your back. This relieves pain in the short term and helps you use muscles in a way that doesn’t add stress to your back.

You Still Need to be Careful

If you recently injured your back or you’ve experienced severe pain, you need to start off slow. We suggest private Pilates at Sheppard Method Pilates. You can work one-on-one with a Pilates instructor to learn the precise and balanced way to move through our exercises. When you learn the proper form, you reduce the likelihood of injuring your back again, and you can then feel confident enough to join traditional classes.

A Few Good Exercises

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can start stepping up your game with exercises that strengthen your core. These exercises will help provide you with long-term relief.

Supine Spinal Twist

When you rotate your back with the weight of your legs and feet in the air, you stretch and strengthen back muscles. You also work out your oblique muscles, which in turn stabilize your back even more.

Roll Backs

This exercise helps reduce tension in your back by stretching your back muscles as you roll up and down. This motion also strengthens your abdomen, giving you a greater and more comfortable range of back motion.

Chest Lift

You should not start with this exercise. Once you master the other strengthening exercises, however, the chest lift does a great job of strengthening your core.

Choose Sheppard Method Pilates for Your Back Relief

If you want to relieve your back pain, Sheppard Method Pilates is the right choice. We offer private Pilates classes, and we dedicate ourselves to giving our students the opportunity to create and maintain a balanced body free of pain. Check out Sheppard Method Pilates today.