With various modern approaches to Pilates such as fusion classes becoming more and more popular, it can often be confusing to know what you may be getting into when signing up for a Pilates class. But what is the structure of a traditional Pilates class? At Sheppard Method Pilates of Westwood, we offer classical Pilates classes with a personalized touch. Our traditional classes include both mat and reformer group class options and will help you learn and understand the methods of classical Pilates, customized for you.

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What is Traditional Pilates?

There are essentially two methods of Pilates: contemporary and classic. This divide can also be distinguished as traditional versus modern Pilates. Classical Pilates adheres as closely to Joseph Pilates’ original ideas, including his 34 original Pilates exercises and routine. Different studios may have minor adjustments, but overall encompass Pilates’ core vision.

In contrast, contemporary or modern Pilates often fuses different exercises and ideas with a Pilates routine. This is why you may see classes such as Pilates boxing, HIIT Pilates, Pilates-Yoga, cardio and dance Pilates, and even Pilates fused with strength training and weight lifting. Contemporary fusion classes all vary tremendously and will look different depending on the method, studio, and instructor style.

What Can I Expect in a Classical Pilates Class?

A typical Pilates class lasts for about 4-60 minutes. Classes generally begin with breathing exercises, followed by a movement routine. While classes may not follow Joseph Pilates’ 34 movement regimen, they will incorporate these movements into the practice depending on the goals of the class.

Some Pilates classes may be geared towards different muscle groups, such as Pilates for the core, lower or upper body, back, or other specific goals, and the movements selected will be aimed to strengthen those designated areas. Class is often spent most of the session on a mat or one of the Pilates devices such as the reformer—again, depending on the type of Pilates class it is (i.e. mat or reformer).

Regardless of class type, most traditional classes progress the movements included in the routine from warm-up to complex coordination and strength exercises. Finally, the class will conclude with a standing alignment exercise, breathing, and celebrating what you just did for your body.

Traditional Pilates Classes in Westwood

At Sheppard Method Pilates, we teach classical Pilates with a personal touch. This incorporates Joseph Pilates’ original Contrology methodology with a personalized approach to what Pilates can do for you. With the expression of your authentic self within traditional Pilates movements, you allow your body to move in a fluid, efficient, powerful, coordinated, and relaxed way so that you can get the most out of classical Pilates.

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