Find Group Classes at Sheppard Method Pilates in Westwood!

Pilates will benefit you regardless of delivery, be it an at-home streaming practice, private or semi-private lessons, or group classes. Each option has its own advantages, but there are some amazing benefits to group Pilates classes that you don’t want to miss out on.

Whether you are a beginner, into reformer classes, or a veteran when it comes to Pilates practice, the social, supportive environment of Sheppard Method Pilates’ various small group classes will inspire and motivate you on your journey!

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Group Pilates Classes Motivate and Inspire

As they say, the most difficult part of Pilates is showing up on the mat. Group Pilates classes can offer accountability to show up for yourself and others. Especially if you are a beginner, by taking a group beginner class, you can break the ice and feel inspired to keep showing up and making progress. The dedication of others in the class will motivate and inspire you to continue your practice and keep coming back to the mat to cheer one another on.

In fact, research has shown that working out with others in a social environment increases the effectiveness and longevity of your exercise program. We simply commit to the practice more, and work out better when we are in a positive social environment—how inspiring is that?

Pilates Communities are Supportive

As we’ve learned in recent years, nothing can truly replace a human connection—especially when it comes to our health and wellness journeys. By joining the Pilates community in taking group classes, you are joining a team of people rooting for you! At Sheppard Method Pilates, many of those who take our small group Pilates practice end up forming close personal relationships, keeping one another accountable, and supporting each other through various fitness milestones.

Exercising in a Group Can Teach You Something New

Individual instruction is incredibly effective in customizing your practice and becoming immensely in tune with your body as you learn the mechanics of Pilates movements. However, with the variety that group classes provide, you may be more inclined to take a risk or try something new with your Pilates classmates. You may feel anxious or apprehensive about taking a Reformer class for example, but in a group setting or with a Pilates partner, are more willing to try it out. Learning something new about yourself through group instruction can be invaluable to your wellness journey.

Group Pilates at Sheppard Method Pilates is FUN!

The best part about taking group Pilates classes is how much fun they are! With a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, you get to practice an inherently joyful, movement-based practice with like-minded people who are there to positively support one another. At Sheppard Method Pilates, our group Pilates class sizes are deliberately small to allow you to receive individual instruction and guidance, while still reaping the benefits of practicing Pilates within a supportive community.

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