How Sheppard Method Pilates Can Get You A Better Night’s Rest

We all have those nights where we seem to toss and turn in bed for hours on end, struggling to drift off to sleep. Your body feels tired, but your mind feels awake, preventing you from getting the rest you need. These sleepless nights don’t have to be a regularity though; Sheppard Method Pilates is here to share how—you guessed it—Pilates can aid in getting you a better night of sleep. Through proven research, these methods are sure to help you reduce mental stress, relax your mind and achieve a balanced body.

Reaching A Calm Mental State

Joseph Pilates, the founder of our favorite exercise program, believed that exercise could relieve any feelings of nervousness throughout the body. Doctors consistently point out that exercising regularly will help you sleep better, as your body will be more fatigued from the workout. However, Sheppard Method Pilates knows that some people may still have trouble getting the rest they need. To alleviate this, we suggest trying the Joseph Pilates-advised spine-specific exercises that are intended to aid in relaxing the nerves and cleansing the body.

Sheppard Method Pilates Exercises For Working The Spine

If you find yourself wide awake while trying to go asleep, it may be beneficial to try some of these Sheppard Method Pilates positions that will focus on your spine, working to calm down your nerves and make you more flexible.

  • The Roll Down: A roll down can be performed in the comfort of your bedroom, making it perfect for when you can’t sleep. To execute this exercise, press your back up against a wall, move your legs outward and slightly bend your knees. Then, gently roll your spine down the surface of the wall, attempting to allow each vertebrae coil as you descend. When you have reached the bottom of your back, repeat the motion, though upward to your neck.
  • Shoulder Rolls: This simple maneuver can be carried out by sitting with your legs crossed and rotating your shoulders forward, trying to cycle through the full range of the joint. Change directions after a few times through.
  • Spine Stretch: Yet another Pilates position for setting yourself up for a better sleep is simply sitting down with your legs extended forward and reaching out to touch your toes. This will extend your back and relax the nerves throughout your spine. Slowing inhaling and exhaling while in this position can also work to reach relaxation.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of spine-oriented Pilates exercises to try. Never hesitate to reach out to Sheppard Method Pilates for more suggestions or additional help in performing the aforementioned workouts.

Results To Back It Up

A study carried out by Appalachian State University showed that participants that practiced 75-minute Pilates workouts for at least two times a week over the span of 15 weeks were less likely to experience sleeping difficulties. A head researcher of the study noted how the notion of being more connected to yourself through Pilates could be a large influence in being able to relax more. At Sheppard Method Pilates, we believe that pursuing a balanced body is just what you need to satisfy your sleep needs.

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