Private Pilates for Physical Therapy

Use Private Pilates to Supplement Physical Therapy

Physical rehabilitation can be difficult. An injury can definitely throw your body out of balance, but obviously, it doesn’t have to stay that way. After a certain amount of physical rehab, you can begin to supplement your therapy with private pilates sessions. Please keep in mind that Sheppard Method Pilates is not a rehabilitation center, but we are happy to help you back to achieving a balanced body when your physical therapist approves you for normal exercise again. Read on to see how private pilates can help you after an injury.

A Balanced Body and Mind

The stress and pain from injury can disrupt your balanced lifestyle. When you practice pilates, you can start finding your balance again. A balanced body and mind will relieve stress and put you in a more positive mood. Maintaining positivity during your recovery is essential, so let Sheppard Method Pilates help you to refocus and recharge.

Tailored to Your Needs

When you sign up for our private pilates sessions, you are guaranteeing that our trained instructors are able to give you one-on-one attention and instruction. They can go as slow and as low-impact as necessary to prevent aggravating your condition. As you recover more, the sessions can become more in depth. When you engage in private pilates sessions, your instructor can really focus on helping you connect your mind, body, and spirit. This focused attention means your experience is highly customized for your specific needs and goals.

The Perfect Supplement

When you see your physical therapist, you may find that they already utilize some Pilates techniques in their rehabilitation plan. That’s because Pilates has many physical benefits for injury. It’s low-impact and focuses on your range of motion, which is one of the main goals of physical therapy. You may even find that your therapist puts you on a Reformer now and then. Once you are physically able to take private pilates at Sheppard Method, you can strengthen the techniques you learned and help your body, mind, and spirit recover fully.

Contact Sheppard Method Pilates for Private Pilates Sessions

Sheppard Method Pilates can help you liberate your body and mind through the power of pilates. The healing power of pilates is just one of the reasons that it is the best way to achieve balance in your life. Contact us today or view our website to learn more about our private pilates sessions. We look forward to helping you realize your body and mind’s potential!