Advice For Beginner Pilates Studio Goers

For those beginning in the craft of Pilates, many questions may be looming regarding this unique workout style. What materials do you need to bring? What is the proper way to dress? What is a Pilates class even like? At Sheppard Method Pilates, we set out to answer these questions so that you can walk into the Pilates studio with confidence for your first class. After all, Pilates is an exercise benefitting you both physically and mentally, and we welcome all those who may be interested in participating to join us in pursuing a balanced body.

What To Bring

While your Pilates studio will supply most of what you need, you may be inclined to gather some of your own materials so that you can establish a level of comfort and familiarity. Many people will bring their own mat that they are used to for convenience. When selecting a mat, it is important to note that Pilates mats are typically a bit thicker than yoga mats, which are meant to accommodate to the many exercises involving the spine. Aside from a mat, some water is always a good idea to have in order to stay refreshed during your workout.

What To Wear

Although we strongly advise wearing shoes for your commute to the Pilates studio, footwear is not needed during the actual class, so there is no need to worry about selecting a specific type of shoe. As for clothing, it is strongly advised to wear tight-fitting, yet flexible garments that easily highlight the various structures of your body. This allows the Pilates instructor to observe your movements and adjust your alignment. Furthermore, Pilates exercises often involve situating your body in exotic positions, so wearing tighter clothing can prevent any unwanted disclosure of body parts. To further compensate for this, Sheppard Method Pilates suggests tying up long hair and removing any loose accessories.

What To Expect

It is common courtesy to arrive early to the Pilates studio so as to not disturb the class once it has already started. On the other hand, if another class is finishing up while you are waiting, it is important to stay quiet and respect their time. Once the class has started, you should refrain from chatting while the Pilates instructor is administering the exercises. Staying focused is vital in experiencing a beneficial exercise session, so it is important to be courteous of those around you by not talking. Once you have completed the class, remember to wipe down and return any equipment that may not be yours to the studio before you leave.

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You are now on your way to becoming an expert in Pilates etiquette! There is much to be gained from this distinctive workout, and Sheppard Method Pilates is excited to welcome any newcomers. For more Pilates studio pointers, contact us at 310-470-2828, or visit our studio at 2180 Westwood Blvd. in Westwood.