All Level Pilates Classes in Westwood at Sheppard Method Pilates

Beginner and experienced Pilates students may wonder how often they should be attending classes to see the results they want. The answer to this question varies depending on the student’s goals, skill level, and recovery time. At Sheppard Method Pilates, our Westwood Pilates instructors can help you identify the plan and frequency that fits your goals and experience and provide consultation on the classes that will work for you.

Call the Westwood Pilates experts at Sheppard Method Pilates to receive personalized advice and help find the perfect Pilates class for you. Our team is happy to guide you in the direction of your goals and help see the results you are looking for!

Reaching Your Goals with Varied Frequency in Your Pilates Practice

As we mentioned, the question of the ideal frequency when it comes to Pilates classes has more than one answer. The frequency of your workouts should be based on your skill level and physique, with beginners and experts requiring and adhering to different recovery needs and activity requirements.

Beginner Pilates Students

For beginners, 1-3 Pilates classes each week are a great start to a new Pilates practice. New Pilates students may notice changes and improvements in strength, balance, and pain reduction with just one class each week. Starting with one, two, or three classes weekly allows for recovery and rest between classes.

Practices that involve equipment such as the Reformer or Cadillac can deepen the beginner’s practice and achieve results even faster than mat Pilates but may require more recovery time for muscles. Of course, as with any exercise, all Pilates students must learn to listen to their bodies and base the frequency of classes on how they feel.

Experienced Pilates Students

Students with an established practice and more experience with Pilates can increase workouts to 4-5 per week. Recovery time lessens as the body gets accustomed to this type of workout, and students will notice results faster as they can increase the frequency and intensity of their Pilates workouts.

Most students begin to see results between one and three months from the start of their practice, this also depends on the frequency of workouts, workout intensity, and pairing it with other forms of exercise. The style of Pilates that each student chooses will also determine the results achieved and how soon after the initial class they can expect to see results. Reformer and Cadillac classes tend to create results faster than mat Pilates classes due to the increased resistance and difficulty.

Pilates for Every Level in Westwood

If you choose to do Pilates, whether once a week or every day, Sheppard Method Pilates has a variety of classes and levels that propel you toward your fitness goals. When taking classes daily, different classes can be customized or chosen to target different muscle groups, so you have a well-rounded exercise routine. Using Pilates to target different muscle groups on different days, allowing other muscles to rest, allows you to push beyond your limits and see new and exciting results.

Find the Pilates classes you want and achieve your fitness goals at Sheppard Method Pilates. Our Westwood Pilate instructors are here to help! Schedule your first class today!