There are Many Reasons to Get Your Pilates Certification

Sheppard Method Pilates offers the opportunity to get your Pilates certification. People decide to get certified for a number of reasons, and while it’s a personal choice, there are many benefits that come with being certified. We highlight some of the primary reasons and benefits of getting your Pilates certification.

Workout While You Work

If you’re thinking about getting your Pilates certification, you probably love doing Pilates and have some sort of passion for it. After you’re certified, you can start finding work teaching classes as an instructor. This means that you’ll be doing Pilates for a living. So essentially, you’ll be getting paid to exercise and do what you love. This is usually the reason at the top of the list for most people that get certified.

Flexibility in More Ways than One

Once you’re certified, you’ll have more flexibility…literally! It’s a bad joke, but it’s true. Obviously, your body will experience the benefits of Pilates, but so will your work life. Whether you work at an established Pilates facility or you start an operation of your own, your hours and work life will be more flexible. With the options you’ll have, you can balance more than just your body – you can balance your life!

You’ll Learn More About Your Body

Pilates certification is a comprehensive process. You’ll learn all about the ways the body works and moves, and become even more in touch with your own body. If you’ve always been interested in the science behind body mechanics and the way the body responds to exercise, you’ll love the knowledge you obtain while getting certified.  

You’ll Help Others

If you pursue teaching and instructing people in Pilates classes, you’ll be helping them achieve the same balance and benefits that you’ve experienced. People come to Pilates classes for a variety of reasons, but often they’re hoping to become more fit and healthier. Sometimes people with conditions such as arthritis also seek out Pilates to help relieve their symptoms. As a certified Pilates instructor, you’ll be able to help them find the fitness, flexibility, and balance that they’re looking for.

Get Your Pilates Certification from Sheppard Method

If you want to pursue your passion, improve your work-life balance, and help people, getting your Pilates certification may be the solution you’re looking for. And that’s just the beginning. There are many reasons someone might choose to get their Pilates certification. Whatever your reason is, we can help. Contact Sheppard Method Pilates today for more information about starting your path to getting certified.