Expert Pilates Instruction at Our Westwood Pilates Studio

Although discounts, coupons, sales, and incentives to join a Pilates studio are enticing, choosing a good studio is imperative. The nature of Pilates exercises is precise, intentional, and complex. To prevent injury and ensure proper form, which is integral to reaping the most benefits, you need to be sure your studio has what it takes to offer skilled instruction.

The expert Pilates instructors at Sheppard Method Pilates provide a variety of classes for all levels, including mat Pilates and utilizing the Reformer and the Cadillac. Our Westwood Pilates professionals can help you discover the many benefits of practicing Pilates.

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5 Things to Look for in a Good Pilates Studio

  • Educated, experienced instructors. Pilates instructors teaching classes that involve equipment should have 500-600 hours of teacher training, while mat Pilates teachers typically should have at least 200 hours of training. Once instructors complete training, their experience with the specific classes they are teaching will also come into play. More experienced teachers will better be able to aid individual students in adapting exercises to fit their abilities.
  • Class type. Pilates classes of varying levels and varying numbers of students are important factors in a quality Pilates studio. Beginner classes should typically have fewer students so instructors can provide more attention and instruction than is needed in a more advanced class with experienced students. (This is especially true for classes involving Pilates equipment.) Each class should focus on the key principles of Pilates:
    • Concentration
    • Intention
    • Precision
    • Breath
    • Flow
  • Many of the varying Pilates classes will include specified equipment. If you intend to become a frequent Pilates student, you will eventually want to increase the intensity of the classes you take. Look for a studio that offers classes that include mat Pilates, Reformer, and Cadillac Pilates classes.
  • Variety in teaching styles. When choosing a Pilates studio, try classes from different instructors before settling on a membership. Teaching style should vary, allowing you options for different moods and different days. One day you may want to take an upbeat, energetic class while other days you may want to take a quiet, subdued-style class.
  • The location of the studio is a big part of the decision-making process. If a studio is not too far from your home and easy to get to, you may be less likely to skip a class due to traffic or rainy weather. The other factor in availability is class time. Make sure that the studio offers adequate options for classes you are interested in during the times you are available to attend.
  • Westwood Pilates Classes for All Levels

Sheppard Method Pilates offers a variety of classes for varying levels of students that include a full array of Pilates equipment. Our Westwood Pilates instructors are happy to help new students improve their abilities and begin to transform their bodies with strength, stability, and intention. Let us help you discover the benefits of Pilates, a wonderful addition to any exercise regimen.

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