Dancers Benefit from Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates Especially Help These Athletes

Pilates has become an increasingly popular physical fitness system in recent years.  It has moved from the fringes of sports training to center stage for many athletes.  Athletes from a diverse range of sports are incorporating private Pilates training into their routines.  As with any type of lesson or training experience, having a one on one session with an instructor will most likely produce better results than a group session.

Pilates training has risen to its premier standing due to its comprehensive approach to the body. While traditional training methods tend to focus on a specific muscle area or group, Pilates strives to improve overall strength, flexibility, and balance. By practicing Pilates, you are strengthening and lengthening muscles that are closer to the bone, while developing balance and coordination.  In addition to improving flexibility and building strength, you can also increase endurance and develop more control over your body movements through practicing private Pilates.

Who is Practicing Private Pilates?

Athletes that require great balance will particularly benefit from private Pilates instruction as it focuses on the core muscles of the body, which include the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, and hips. Athletes that especially need great core strength include dancers, gymnasts, equestrians, runners, golfers, cyclists, and heavyweight lifters.

Other more traditional top-dollar professional athletes such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer players are also benefit from private Pilates sessions. Some athletes have commented that they had to work muscles they never realized that they had.

The Benefits of Private Pilates

Strengthened core muscles create pelvic stability, which is needed for heaving lifting, swimming, horseback riding, or swinging a golf club or a bat. As your Pilates training progresses, the muscles get stronger and become more flexible. This increases their range of motion, minimizing the risk of injury.

Athletes that put their bodies through repetitive movements will also benefit from private Pilates training. The increased core strength and mobility of both the lower and upper back will reduce the amount of stress being placed on the body from the repetitive motions.  

For athletes involved in any type of endurance activities, Pilates increases the delivery of oxygen to the blood and improves lung capacity, so they are able to maintain optimal performance for a longer period of time.

Want to know more about Private Pilates?

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