How Pilates Can Increase Strength and Stability

Pilates is a great addition to any fitness lover’s training regimen. Although the focus of Pilates is on the core muscles, it also helps to strengthen and stabilize all of the muscle groups. Pilates requires students to train not only their body but their breath and mind, as well.

Unlike traditional weightlifting, Pilate’s focus is not on building body mass but on creating strong, lean muscles. Combining Pilates with weightlifting increases stability, flexibility, and mobility. It changes the way your muscles work, building a well-rounded workout routine.

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Why Combine Pilates with Weight Training?

Combining two kinds of exercise offers the body variety in movement, muscle targeting, and skill. It helps the body grow stronger in more ways than one. This is especially true for combining weightlifting with Pilates.

  • Improved stability- The core strength you gain by adding Pilates to your weight training routine can increase stability, translating to benefits in the gym. Increased stability means improved form, increased repetitions, and symmetry in your movements.
  • Balance- Combining Pilates with weight training activates a wide variety of muscles and engages the whole body. By doing both types of exercises, your “visible” muscles will grow stronger along with your deep, stabilizing muscles.
  • Increased flexibility- Pilates adds flexibility and stretching into your workout routine, and this flexibility helps to prevent the issue of becoming muscle-bound. Muscle bond is a term that describes someone with lots of strength from weight training but with limited mobility and flexibility.
  • Injury prevention- Pilates encourages blood flow, stretches the muscles, opens stiff joints, and reduces constricted muscles. These benefits protect the joints and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Increased functional movement- Because the movements in Pilates incorporate balance, stretching, and a variety of poses and moves, it provides a more functional workout. When Pilates is combined with the stricter, more limited movements of weightlifting, you achieve a well-rounded, functional strength of body and breath.

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