I have been practicing Pilates for over 15 years.  During that time I wasn’t traveling much, but when I did, I would give up my workouts while on vacation. I would come back to the Mat and realize I had slipped back by about 10%!

Fast forward 15 years….I don’t miss a workout  and even find I am doing more!  There are so many options to “Take Pilates On The Road”!

I have just spent a delightful week in Hawaii and have enjoyed all my Pilates sessions!  You can rent from Amazon (Kindle), Netflix or any of the other online DVD stores.  I watched Pilates Anytime and found wonderful 30 minute workouts to do each morning.

I researched the area I was visiting and discovered  some local studios.  While I LOVE my sessions with Risa, it is always fun to change it up with a new teacher!  I did two sessions with a local teacher and learned new and informative information, as her background is in physical therapy and dance.

Now home, I had a dynamite session with Risa and she noticed that I “didn’t loose any ground”!  Most times coming back that first session with Risa was tough…not this time!

So, don’t give up on vacation….your mind loves to go there, but your body won’t be happy if you don’t move it!