Sheppard Methods Pilates Explains Why there are so Many Methods of Pilates

Sheppard Method Pilates is definitely not the only method of Pilates out there. You’ve probably heard of various different methods started by various different instructors. But why is that? Why are there so many different ways to do Pilates? Read on to find out!

The Spread of Pilates

Pilates all started with Joseph Pilates, who wanted his vision of fitness and a balanced body to reach the world. Joseph Pilates never trademarked his names, so the word “Pilates” is treated as a general term, such as “yoga” or “martial arts.” Since there was no trademark to his name, his disciples branched out and created variations on his original methods. Regardless, true instructors of Pilates will always keep in mind how Pilates helps individuals improve their body and health in a safe manner.

If It’s Changed, Is it Still Considered Pilates?

Yes! Although his disciples have made changes and variations to his original methods, they have still kept the core practices and philosophies intact. In fact, Pilates was meant to be an ever-evolving practice, one that gets better with time. Joseph Pilates goal was to spread his low-impact method of exercise to as many people as possible, so they could reap the benefits. Now more people than ever have spread his teachings and taught his method, something we believe would have made Mr. Pilates very happy.

So What is Sheppard Method Pilates?

Sheppard Method Pilates, started by Risa Sheppard, is a Pilates methodology that closely adheres to the original fitness and health goals of Pilates. Risa was taught by the legendary Ron Fletcher, an original disciple of Joseph Pilates. Sheppard Method Pilates pulls a lot of inspiration and methodology from the Fletcher Method, which is a spin on the original Pilates method itself. The Fletcher Method involves many Graham-based elements of movement and dance. Sheppard Method Pilates is renowned for its teachings involving mind, body, and spirit connection. It helps you to achieve your optimal health, no matter what age you are.

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