How Much Can Private Pilates Help to Relieve Daily Stress?

Sheppard Method Pilates is all about relaxation. Even as our Pilates instructors help to build your core strength and give you leaner, longer muscles, they also focus on giving you a peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. Achieving a balanced body through private Pilates or Pilates classes is one of the most effective ways to reach total relaxation.

When it comes to focusing on your own inner life, and quieting your daily anxieties and stress, private Pilates lessons are a perfect way to do just that. In this blog, Sheppard Method Pilates explores how private Pilates sessions can help you attain a calm that stays with you outside the Pilates studio.

Allowing Your Brain Room to Breathe

How often do you feel overloaded with information? From work or school to your own home, you’re almost always being assaulted with news, alerts, notifications, tasks, all of which are demanding your attention.

Private Pilates lessons are an opportunity to let your brain take a breather, slowing down your thought process so that you can pick out what’s really important. This goes a long way in reducing your daily stress since the signal to noise ratio is much easier to manage in a calm, quiet environment where all your focus is on you and your Pilates instructor.

Improving Memory Function

One of the lesser-known causes of stress is actually memory issues. With the ever-increasing pace of modern life and the long list of distractions we each put up with every day, it’s getting harder to remember simple things thanks to being overwhelmed at every turn. Memory issues caused by a shortening attention span are a subtly frustrating factor of our digital society and often lead to worries about much more serious problems.

Private Pilates sessions can help. Having a quiet environment to learn the relaxation techniques that are a part of Pilates gets you used to the silence and calm. Coupled with the benefits that Pilates provides, you can take this feeling of calm and balance away from your private sessions, and into your daily life. Having the ability to refocus always there becomes a vital part of improving your memory and attention span, and reducing daily stress by taking things one step at a time.

Lowering Blood Pressure

One of the biggest benefits of Pilates’ gentle exercise and meditation is that they all help to lower your blood pressure. Issues with stress and high blood pressure frequently turn into a vicious cycle. More stress means higher blood pressure, and higher blood pressure makes you feel hyper-alert, anxious and, funnily enough, stressed.

Pilates gives you the key to managing your stress levels and can have a huge impact on high blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure will lower your feelings of stress, not to mention several severe risk factors to your overall health.

Helping You Sleep

Just like high blood pressure, a frequent factor in chronic insomnia is stress – and the less good sleep you get, the more stressed you become. It’s yet another vicious cycle. It’s also another one that Pilates can break. A private instruction in Pilates means that you have real time and peace to relax, but also allows your instructor to truly tailor the teaching to suit your needs. If you’re having trouble sleeping, your instructor can guide you to an internal calm that you’ll take home with you. You’ll also have the tools to tackle your sleep and anxiety issues yourself whenever you need them.

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