private pilates session for rehab

Private Pilates sessions are ideal for injury rehab.

Over the past few years, Pilates has become a favorite exercise for diet and fitness-conscious people. And why not? After all, this transforming workout involves moving the core muscles of the body in a convenient manner, making it easier for people of all age groups to opt for it. What makes Pilates unique from other exercises is its proven record of healing injuries.

There are a number of Pilates studios in Westwood where Pilates instructors are offering group, semi-private and private pilates sessions at either Westwood Pilates studios or your home. Westwood Pilates studios offer the same experience.

How Can Private Pilates Help Injured People Recover?

Here is the most interesting fact about private pilates sessions: These workouts strengthen the core body muscles of the abdominal region of the human body near the spinal cord. The pressure Pilates exerts on the pelvic and spinal areas are essential for a balanced body, which helps prevent several injuries caused by imbalance.

A certified private pilates instructor will tweak the workout steps depending on the severity of the injury. This will increase the flexibility of muscles and transitioning from basic to more advanced exercises is comparatively easier.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Be Improved?

Pilates is believed to be effective in treating/improving different injuries and conditions such as the following:

Back Pain

Pilates is now widely used as a recommended form of rehabilitation for people who have difficulty while moving due to backache. Pilates reformer classes in Westwood have specific equipment that relaxes muscles and makes them work in a safe and better way. Not only does this increase the flexibility of the muscles, it also minimizes the return of back pain due to improper body posture or walking style. Thus, this helps you move smoothly and without any pain. Contact Sheppard Method Pilates today to learn more about private pilates sessions and how we can help you reduce or get rid of constant back pain.

Muscle Injuries

Studies have revealed that most injuries are caused by extra pressure on our muscles due to body imbalance. Pilates is known to strengthen these weak muscles, which improves the overall balance of the body. For better results, you can also opt for a Pilates Studio where advanced equipment helps make the muscles flexible by stretching them extensively.

Other conditions private Pilates sessions can treat or minimize include backache, neck pain, and osteoporosis.

Why Invest In Private Pilates vs. a Group Pilates Class for Injury Rehab?

For starters, it is advised that you start off with private Pilates rehab, as the personal attention is more advantageous when compared to the group sessions. Personal attention from the instructor and customized plans specific to your needs increase the value of private Pilates sessions exponentially. Private sessions are also helpful for those who are recovering from a certain injury and are in dire need of complete attention from the instructor to recover quickly.

On the other hand, group Pilates sessions are ideal for those who want to continue this workout in a more social environment.

All in all, Pilates offers innumerable health benefits, especially for those who are seeking injury rehab. Contact us today for more information about private Pilates for rehab and schedule your session with an instructor.