Pilates for Weight Lifters: Maintaining a Balanced Body

Weightlifting and Pilates are two things that don’t often get mentioned together in the same sentence. The stigmas surrounding both exercises often prevent any mingling of the two. However, when it comes to weightlifters and even more specifically with athletes, Pilates is a great equalizer that will help you develop a balanced body. The Sheppard Method Pilates blog explains.

Why Pilates Works to Compliment Weight Lifting

One of the constant struggles of any weightlifter or athlete is maintaining a balanced body. Extensive upper and lower body weightlifting, while beneficial in the right contexts, is often marred by injury. These injuries very often happen because of a lack of flexibility, developed by poor stretching habits and bad execution of exercises.

While injuries are always a looming risk for weightlifters, they are also very preventable. Nuance is key when it comes to weight training, and incorporating Pilates into your weekly workout regimen can help your body recover from the rigors of heavy lifting, while also not stagnating.

How Pilates Helps to Create a Balanced Body

Pilates steps in right where your weight lifting regimen leaves off. One of the misconceptions of Pilates is that it isn’t actual strength training. While it is true that you can’t replace weight lifting with Pilates in terms of strength training, you are still being strengthened by a Pilates workout, just in a way that you won’t see on the scale.

The core endurance paired with increased flexibility and posture that comes from a Pilates will not only help you perform better in the weight room, it will also see your lifting produce better results. Arguably the biggest hindrance to seeing real results in the weight room is a lack of proper execution of exercises, often coming from natural shortcuts your body will take to complete the exercise. Endurance, flexibility and posture help to alleviate those shortcuts and build a more balanced body.

Let Sheppard Method Pilates Help

For weightlifters, Pilates isn’t exactly right up there alley, so it can naturally be difficult to find a starting point. Sheppard Method Pilates hopes to be that starting point, with a team devoted to helping you achieve the balanced body you are working for. We will customize a workout for you that will make that coveted balanced body a reality. Contact Sheppard Method Pilates today to schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information.