Woman rolling up a yoga mat at a pilates studio

Origin of the Pilates Studio

More likely than not, you probably know someone who goes to a pilates studio regularly or maybe you go to one yourself. What you probably don’t know is that pilates has not been around for very long compared to other forms of exercise. Although pilates is a fairly new form of exercise, it has become an effective and widely-used fitness technique within the past decade. But where did this now mainstream fitness routine begin? Keep reading to find out!

Joseph Hubertus Pilates

Pilates received its well-known name from its founder, Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Joseph was born in Germany. His inspiration to exercise began as a child due to many concerning health conditions that he experienced. He was diagnosed with rickets, asthma, and rheumatic fever. He longed to not only strengthen his own body but to also help others do the same.

After practicing and studying various forms of exercise, Joseph became intrigued with the concept of a balanced mind, body, and spirit. He wanted to somehow integrate this concept into a fitness regime. After years of strengthening his body, he became a successful gymnast, diver, and skier. Eventually, he was able to teach others his holistic fitness routine. He even opened his first pilates studio in New York with his wife. From there, pilates became more and more popular, evolving with new pilates instructors.

Modern Pilates Studio

Today, pilates has evolved and is continuing to evolve as more people are practicing this fitness routine. Each influential pilates instructor has their own technique to best implement this exercise. One of the most modern and popular forms of pilates is the Sheppard Method.

At the Sheppard Method Pilates studio, Risa Sheppard tailors your pilates routine toward you individual needs and goals. She focuses on how your mind affects your life and your body, while at the same time enabling a balanced body. Additionally, the Sheppard Method works to strengthen your core, back, and abdominals, as well as help prevent injuries.

Contact Sheppard Method Pilates

If you are interested in a pilates studio that not only helps you obtain a balanced body but also helps to strengthen your core and your mind, contact Sheppard Method Pilates. An experienced pilates instructor can help create the perfect workout tailored to your needs. You can either come to our pilates studio or we can come provide private pilates instruction to you at your home. Contact our pilates studio at (310) 470-2828 for more information.