With a notable background and expertise in dance, Karinna Greksa brings a wealth of knowledge and poise to Sheppard Method Pilates and the classes she teaches. Her background allows her to deeply bond with clients, allowing each person to connect more deeply with their bodies and the movements they produce throughout every class. Having earned her certification directly from the Sheppard Method Teacher Training Program more than a year ago, Karinna’s teaching methods and classes continue to evolve, granting clients the ability to grow as her methods develop and take flight to new levels.

Karinna’s journey to discovering Pilates and becoming a Pilates instructor is unique in that she originally began as a professional dancer (she was even casted as one of the twins in The Great Gatsby 2013 film). Like many dancers who experience the constant, ongoing physical demand of their practice, Karinna suffered from repeated injuries, causing her to need physical therapy. She realized that each time she would visit her Physical Therapist, he would recommend Pilates as a method to promote healing and strength-training. One day, she took the leap of faith, diving all into the Pilates movement, and after experiencing the incredible changes in both her body and mind, Karinna was hooked. She became obsessed and would eventually become a certified Pilates instructor.

With an appetite for movement and an even greater desire to make others smile, Karinna now views it as her responsibility to help her clients feel great by brightening their days and helping them achieve a pain-free life. It’s no wonder Sheppard Method Pilates immediately felt like home for her. As Karinna states, “every time I walk into this studio, it feels like home. The environment is friendly and welcoming at all times.” Since she began teaching clients in the studio, Karinna has continued to create the environment for every one of her students—bringing to life the family-oriented atmosphere constantly sought out by the team at Sheppard Method Pilates.


  • Certified Pilates Instructor, Sheppard Method Teacher Training Program, Certified by Pilates Method Alliance
  • Certificate III in Dance