Today’s world is non-stop, being online leads to overload, and the news can be unsettling. The distractions, obligations, and chaos we each experience at times make it difficult to find ways in which to achieve a personal state of tranquility and peace. But it’s time we embrace the responsibility for our happiness and find healthy ways to find inner balance.

Pilates As a Holistic Therapy

With correct technique, Pilates is an outstanding way to increase your physical fitness, tone your body, and improve flexibility. But did you know that Pilates also focuses the mind on providing both focus and peace? Pilates is an incredibly enabling form of exercise for your mind, body, and spirit.

Stress and anxiety, while rooted in different causes, can put enormous pressure on our physiology and result in a feeling of overload and a ‘fight, flight or freeze’ sensation. Stress is typically rooted in external influences that we find hard to cope with and anxiety is often internal worries or fears that can be difficult to resolve.

Pilates is an ideal tool to not only improve physical fitness but reduce stressful and anxious feelings.

Ways Pilates Helps to Reduce Stress
It is human to struggle with a feeling of being overwhelmed at times. Sheppard Method Pilates is proud to provide structured Pilates practice that helps clients manage stress and improve their quality of life!

  • Cultivating Control
    A fundamental aspect of Pilates training is that you practice complete control of your whole self. Every exercise, each movement, and all repetitions are completed in slow, controlled motion as you lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

Enjoy the power you will feel as you move your body and mind, in new ways.

  • Focus and Breath
    Our emotions are closely related to our breath. Breath is one of the fundamental Pilates principles that guide every workout and, in turn, provides you with a new skill and focus for your mind.

As you hone your Pilates practice, you will focus on each, precise movement and the coordinating breath for every exercise. The technique of controlled breathing is a lifelong skill that can be used in every aspect of every day to manage stress.

  • Mindful Movement
    Release the anxieties, stressors, and emotions from your body with Pilates. As you exercise within the moment, your mind will be trained to see anew what the present holds for you and release unwanted distractions that distort reality and result in anxiety.

Enjoy the new, taller posture you will achieve, the relaxed jaw, and clearer thinking as you let go of worry and embrace the now with the mindful meditation Pilates offers.

  • Train the Brain
    Our brains are capable of creating new cells and new neural-connections. Learning a new activity and focusing on your Pilates practice not only gives physical fitness benefits but can help to exercise your brain as you learn new movements and master new routines.

Nourish your mind with healthy alternatives to today’s distractions as you contain stressful thoughts and limit unhealthy habits with Pilates.

Is it time you acted to limit the stress and anxiety in your life? Sheppard Method Pilates provides the expert instruction and a wide range of Pilates workout regimes to help you get back on the road to personal wellness, so you can embrace and enjoy your life.

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