Any fitness program can change your body by helping you lose fat, gain muscle, and improving your overall physical health. However, no other movement routine can quite do this the way Pilates can. By focusing on your deep core, flexibility, and posture, regular Pilates practice will help you stand up taller, move more consciously, and build long, lean muscles through full-body toning. An accessible practice that is backed by science and an ever-growing number of personal testaments around the world, Pilates embraces a holistic outlook that will completely transform your body for the better from the inside out.

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Pilates Connects Everything to The Core

With Pilates, everything goes back to the importance of a strong core. Known as the “powerhouse” in Pilates, your core does not just include your abs (that six pack we all desire, although Pilates can help sculpt that, too!) but the deep core. These deep, stabilizing muscles include the pelvic floor, psoas, multifidus, transversus and rectus abdominis, the hip flexors, and the glutes. By engaging the powerhouse in every Pilates movement, you will strengthen and improve mobility of your entire body, as our extremities lead from our core stabilizer muscles.

Your body transformation through regular Pilates practice will therefore begin here, in the core. Studies have shown that a strong core achieved through Pilates resonates throughout the entire body, giving you long, lean, stabilizing muscles—while also trimming that waistline and sculpting your abs.

Pilates Encourages Flexibility

One common misconception is that you need to already be flexible to start practicing Pilates. That could not be farther from the truth! Though flexibility is not required, you will increase your flexibility and range of motion through regular practice. Increased flexibility will change the way you move your body by increasing your mobility, leading to a more graceful, and overall healthier, daily body movement. In fact, as our bodies age, doctors cite mobility and flexibility key indicators of physical and mental health. With Pilates, your body transformation will move beyond the aesthetic.

Pilates Corrects Poor Posture

One of the most mentioned benefits to practicing Pilates is an improved posture. A better posture can dramatically transform your body through lengthening of the spine and neck, broadening the shoulders, re-aligning the hips and pelvis, and tightening the core. A better posture will correct a rounded back, tech neck, and other physical appearances. With a better posture, you will sit and stand straight, making you appear taller. You will radiate confidence and grace because of regular Pilates practice!

Pilates Helps to Burn Unwanted Fat

If your primary goal is to trim your waistline and hips, Pilates can help you achieve that. Studies have shown that the “Pilates effect” can give the appearance of weight loss by trimming and toning unwanted flabby areas. Pilates, however, is not a cardio workout and you will burn less calories than a high-impact cardio session; therefore, you may not see a drastic change in the numbers on the scale. However, the “Pilates effect” is more than simply giving the appearance of a healthier, transformed body—those that practice Pilates regularly have also proven to be more active in general, eat healthier, stay consistently motivated, and are healthier overall. Pilates could just be the missing link in your weight loss journey!

Pilates Sculpts Long, Lean, Strong Muscles

With the rise in popularity of weightlifting, it is often easy to confuse size with strength. Building bulky muscles, however, are not the only indication of having a strong body. A sculpted, toned Pilates body is one of the strongest out there. Balance postures, deep core movements, and small, repetitive exercises that test endurance will transform your body and build strength by lengthening, toning, sculpting and strengthening. You will be able to see visible muscles along your arms, abs, and legs—long and lean. With enough regular practice, you will soon be able to endure movements even professional weightlifters will be in awe of.

Pilates Boosts Mental Health

There is nothing can than transform one’s overall appearance like a boost of self-confidence! Pilates not only reshapes your body but improves your mental health as well. You will walk taller, hold your head higher, move more gracefully, and emanate a healthy glow that gets everyone asking what your secret is.

Choose the Change that Feels Amazing with Pilates!

No matter the reason you initially became interested in Pilates, there is no question it can do wonders for your physical and mental health and transform your body into its healthiest state. Pilates is accessible to everyone—your physical abilities, fitness level, age, or weight is never a barrier. Come see what your amazing body can achieve at Sheppard Method Pilates of Westwood!

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