Breaking Down The Different Types Of Pilates Studio Equipment

Pilates is very much an activity that relies on the use of different types of equipment to perform exercises. If you are a beginner to the craft, you may be confused or even overwhelmed about the functions of these various components. At Sheppard Method Pilates, we’re here to help you understand how to use this diverse selection of tools that are available to make your Pilates experience more beneficial. From magic circles to Pilates reformers, we’ve gathered some insight about all the common pieces of equipment you can find in a Pilates studio.

Small Equipment

Pilates equipment can be divided into two general categories consisting of small and large instruments. Among the pieces of small equipment you will find in a Pilates studio are items such as magic circles, weights, resistance bands and exercise balls.

The magic circle, which was created by Joseph Pilates himself, is used as a device to find a person’s center when performing a Pilates exercise. The magic circle is typically flexible and lightweight, providing little resistance to the actual workout. On the contrary, items such as weights and resistance bands can be used to make the exercises a bit more difficult, though the amount of weight used is typically kept very low so as to keep the focus on the balance of your body. Nevertheless, using small hand weights can aid in toning muscle and weight loss. Finally, an exercise ball, though not a traditional piece of equipment found in a Pilates studio, is now frequently used to work out the core area of your body.

Larger Apparatus

Aside from the small supplemental pieces of equipment that you will find in a Pilates studio are the larger, whole-body-focused items, which are often formally referred to as apparatus. Among these objects are the well-known Pilates reformer, the Pilates chair, the tower and the trapeze table.

The Pilates reformer, a traditional piece of equipment that was also created by Joseph Pilates, is a large machine that consists of a carriage on top of sliding tracks of which the user performs resistance exercises to slide across the frame. The reformer promotes focused alignment in addition to increased core strength. Aside from this cherished apparatus is the Pilates chair, which is yet another historical piece of equipment used in the Pilates studio. The chair allows the user to perform resistance workouts as they push against a spring platform while sitting on the top of the box. Another popular apparatus is the tower, which is often connected to the Pilates reformer, allowing for more mobility and breadth of exercises to perform. Finally, the trapeze table, also knowns as the Pilates cadillac, is a multi-faceted apparatus that permits the user to perform many styles of stretches and exercises.

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As you can see, there are a plethora of contraptions that can be found in a Pilates studio that are used to train your body. All it takes is a bit of experience and understanding as to how each item is used and you’ll be on your way to conquering every single one of these mechanisms. For more information, contact Sheppard Method Pilates at 310-470-2828, or visit our studio in Westwood at 2180 Westwood Blvd.