Whether you’ve enjoyed Pilates for years or you have only just started focusing on a commitment to your practice, obtaining a certification in Pilates instruction can make all the difference in opening new opportunities for you! Advancing Pilates with professional instruction and qualification can open up new pathways that will enrich you and your life.

Advance, Change or Begin Your Career

Final Web Teacher TrainingIt’s hard to describe the satisfaction of knowing you are going to work around like-minded people who enjoy being active and have an appreciation of fitness and health. As a certified Pilates instructor, you can expect this and more!

Whether you are looking for progress in a current fitness career or you are looking for a new start, getting certified in Pilates offers you a unique boost on your career path! With professional training and certification, you’ll increase your teaching confidence and class planning skills to energize others on their wellness journey. You can also expect to increase your rate and billable time plus enjoy a flexible working life that isn’t behind a desk!

Fitness Enhancement

It can’t be underemphasized the value you, physically, will gain from professional Pilates training. Because becoming a certified Pilates instructor involves functional anatomy and biomechanics, comprehensive apparatus training and experience, and injury prevention and recovery, you can expect your own practice to become even more valuable and effective.

Becoming a certified Pilates instructor will hone your workout skills to ensure you gain the most from every workout. You can expect to use apparatus and equipment more effectively with proper form and maximum results. Who knows, you may even enjoy your heightened Pilates awareness that you choose to teach others as a certified instructor!

Rehabilitation for Clients and You

pilates private mentorAs you may be aware, Pilates is a fitness regime that is well suited for recovery, including as an aid for neuromuscular disorders. Whether you are considering advanced Pilates learning and certification to support your own care or to help others improve their fitness, gaining a certificate in Pilates training offers tremendous value.

Because getting certified in Pilates includes focus on the body’s anatomical functions and biomechanics, this qualification provides you with additional insight into how the practice can be used for recovery. Certification gives you advanced experience in the best training programs to support different conditions along with the most effective exercise regimes and uses of apparatus for optimal health. This expertise is valuable for yourself or for your students!

Differentiate Your Teaching

The best Pilates certification courses not only provide you with experienced, knowledgeable, and supportive education but will give you an in-depth understanding of the effects of the practice on overall wellness. You can differentiate your Pilates teaching with a high-quality certification course!

In addition to the many fitness, flexibility, and strength benefits Pilates can provide, achieving certification as a Pilates instructor can also equip you to share the holistic benefits and aid clients to raise their awareness of the mind-body connection. By fully committing to certification and practice, you can go beyond the technical and better understand the value Pilates brings to the whole person. This insight can be shared with your students and differentiate your practice from others!


Personal Development

Maybe you’ve been practicing your Pilates skills for years but feel you’ve hit a wall in your progress. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to advance your skills, but uncertainty has stopped you. You may just be an A-type personality looking for a new objective! No matter your motivation, there is nothing quite like the feeling of achievement when you realize a personal goal.

Embarking on becoming a certified Pilates instructor is a serious and worthwhile commitment that is within your reach! By taking responsibility for your goals and your life, you can expect to be challenged and stretched as you strive to improve your Pilates practice and yourself. There’s no better time to get out of your comfort zone and move beyond fear!


Sheppard Method Pilates offers excellent and unique Pilates certification courses led by second generation Pilates Master, Risa Sheppard, at our renowned West Los Angeles studio. Our programs are comprehensive, professional, and supportive to help you achieve your goals in becoming a certified Pilates teacher. There are new Teacher Training programs beginning on September 14 for classical mat pilates as well as comprehensive pilates certification. Learn more about our Pilates Instructor Certification program and call us at (310) 470-2828 to talk about your options.