pilates teacher with pilates certification

Achieve your goals as an instructor with a Pilates certification.

Becoming a Pilates instructor is a life-altering and mind opening experience. Risa Sheppard works hard to share her Pilates philosophy and approach with each and every one of the instructors she trains. Choosing Sheppard Method Pilates to complete your Pilates certification means that you are choosing a program that not only teaches you about the physical aspects of Pilates, but also the aspects of the mind that affect our bodies and movements.  The Sheppard Method will help you to become a Pilates instructor who is in tune with your students’ minds and bodies.

With three different locations to choose from, Pilates Certification through the Sheppard Method is easy to access. Whether you choose to attend an accelerated program during the summer at CalArts, the program at Risa’s Studio in West LA, or the program at The Pilates Studio in Glendale, you’ll receive a certification allowing you to become part of the Pilates Method Alliance Register of Schools. Whether you’re looking to own your own pilates studio, become an instructor at an established studio, or work with private clients one on one, a Pilates Certification will help you to achieve your goals and keep your students safe.

Full Pilates certification as well as Mat certification are available. Mat certification allows you to teach the mat Pilates classes that are often sought after. You’ll learn about the anatomy and biomechanics involved in a variety of floor exercises that should be included in a mat class. Mat certification is a shorter training program allowing you to earn a Pilates certification in just 20 classroom hours.

Full Pilates certification takes 50 classroom hours and even more self study, observation, and assistant teaching hours.  While this course of certification does take longer, it allows you to teach students on a Pilates reformer.  The Pilates reformer, a piece of exercise equipment created by Joseph Pilates himself, is a great tool for teaching Pilates and Reformer classes and learning the exercises, safety precautions, and benefits of the reformer will help you to become a more fully rounded Pilates instructor.

Choosing to earn a Pilates certification is a great step toward a new career or lifestyle. Sheppard Method Pilates will provide you with individualized instruction to become the best instructor you can be, which in turn, will help your students perform their best Pilates practice.