Backed by more than 23 years of experience practicing Pilates and more than 18 teaching the practice, Rini brings an edge to Sheppard Method Pilates that would not be possible otherwise. After witnessing the endless benefits of Pilates in her own life, Rini decided it was time for her to show others just how the practice could enhance anything anyone does in their own life. Now, she is able to help clients feel better in their bodies, whether it’s by helping them rehabilitate an injury or gaining core strength. All in all, it is the mind/body connection that Rini loves to witness most when working with her clients.

Rini’s Journey to Pilates

Rini began by taking mat Pilates at a gym and was immediately intrigued by the method. After just a few classes, she felt herself standing taller, feeling stronger, and becoming more flexible than ever before. Not too long after her beautiful run in with the practice, Rini was the victim of a car accident that would eventually lead her to chiropractic treatment where she would rehabilitate her injury on the Reformer and Cadillac. From that point forward, Rini decided she would become a certified Pilates teacher to keep improving her own strength and flexibility while spreading her knowledge and awareness with clients. Nearly 25 years later, Rini is still impacting clients’ lives today.


  • Pilates Instructor Certification, Barbara Wintroub at Retrofit Pilates