balanced body dog on pilates mat

Pilates for Dogs: A Balanced Body for Your Pooch

For most of us, our dogs are more than just pets – they’re often a part of the family. As with anyone in our family, we want our four-legged friends to have the happiest and healthiest life possible. Sometimes it can be difficult for your dog to get the exercise they really need to have a balanced body, whether it’s because of your location or some other factors. Pilates programs help people of all ages achieve the balanced body they have always wanted and, interestingly enough, can benefit dogs too!

Balanced Body for Your Dog

Now, you may be a little incredulous right now, wondering if Pilates for dogs is a real thing. Amazingly enough, it is! Pilates for dogs can help your pooch have a more balanced body and can reduce the symptoms of a lot of common issues. Your dog will also love all of the attention and praise they receive from their doggy Pilates instructor!

Pilates for dogs is obviously going to be different from Pilates for humans. Our four-legged friends can’t move in the same ways we can or use equipment like the Pilates reformer. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t achieve a balanced body through specially created exercises. Pilates for dogs is similar to obstacle training done for dog shows. Your furry friend will develop their balance and agility on a series of dog-friendly workout equipment like balance balls and inflatables.

Even though achieving a balanced body through Pilates looks different for humans and dogs, a lot of the benefits are the same! Pilates works the muscles and joints, encouraging blood flow and strengthening tendons and ligaments. These exercises can reduce swelling in joints caused by arthritis and help your dog feel healthier and happier. Pilates for dogs is also a lot easier on older animals because it’s a lower impact exercise than traditional things like running or playing fetch. Your dog may even learn a few new tricks to impress your friends and family.

While Pilates for dogs is a great way for them to achieve a healthier balanced body, it is important that the exercises are done with a specially trained dog Pilates instructor. While this workout is gaining interest, it hasn’t necessarily become a nationwide craze. Contact your local dog trainer or dog kennel to see if they offer Pilates classes for dogs.

Pilates at Sheppard Method

Unfortunately, at Sheppard Method Pilates, we are not certified to help your dog achieve a balanced body, but we do offer classes for humans! If you are interested in gaining a better balanced body through Pilates or have questions about any of the services we offer, we would love to hear from you. Contact Sheppard Method Pilates today to learn about our classes and private Pilates sessions.