Common Myths About Pilates – Sheppard Method Pilates

Pilates has been enjoying some healthy popularity for a long time now, but the professional Pilates instructors at Sheppard Method Pilates know all too well that there are still plenty of myths and misunderstandings out there. Whether it’s about private Pilates, the Pilates reformer, or the similarities and differences with yoga and other exercises, many people come to Sheppard Method Pilates with some misconceptions about what to expect. In this blog entry, we look at some of the common myths and dispel them for you.

Pilates and Yoga Are the Same Thing

We’ll start by busting a myth that we’ve already addressed in an older blog entry – that Pilates and yoga are the same thing. Since we’ve gone over it in an old entry, there’s no need to cover this one in detail again, but the simple truth is that the similarities between Pilates and yoga are pretty superficial.

The difference, primarily, is that Pilates has a heavier focus on core strength, and could be considered a slightly more “intense” exercise. Some Pilates instructors will even combine methodology from both.

Pilates Is For the Fit

A common misrepresentation of Pilates involves the intensity mentioned above. While yoga, or similar, slow-paced exercises such as Tai-Chi, are seen as gentler, easier and more universal, Pilates is sometimes thought of as being more strenuous. From this, a lot of people get the impression that you need to already have some level of fitness to start Pilates classes.

While it’s true that Pilates can often be more challenging than the exercises it’s often associated with, that doesn’t mean your Pilates instructor is going to throw you in at the deep end and expect you to either sink or swim. Professional, attentive instructors, like the ones at Sheppard Method Pilates, will work with you to make sure you can go at your own pace, and that what you’re doing is truly a benefit to you. Pilates can be for everybody!

No Boys Allowed!

We said, “Pilates is for everybody!” Perhaps the most common myth that comes with Pilates classes is the idea that it’s an exclusive, women-only exercise. This is, of course, not true. While there are plenty of obvious outward physical differences between men and women, we’re all made of the same muscle tissue – the same exercise will benefit all of us!

Much like yoga, and even meditation, this strange stigma crept into the Pilates world as more people become familiar with it, so we feel it’s important that everyone knows that Pilates doesn’t discriminate.

Like many misconceptions and stereotypical views, much of this is thanks to the media portrayal of Pilates as being typically feminine. These days, male sports stars, all-male sports teams, and male actors offer examples of men endorsing the effectiveness of Pilates.

Sheppard Method Pilates, True Fitness, and Balance

Hopefully, Sheppard Method Pilates has managed to dispel some insidious myths about this simple, accessible form of fitness for you. If you’re looking to sign up for Pilates classes, we’re the Pilates studio for you. Contact Sheppard Method Pilates today and start your journey to a balanced body.