Sheppard Method Pilates Offers Solutions to Pain Management

Practicing Pilates can help alleviate back and neck pain in two ways, both by providing movement to relieve pain as well as by strengthening muscles to prevent future pain. At Sheppard Method Pilates, our Westwood Pilates instructors take care of our students, providing solutions for pain, movements to build strength, and a focus on the mind-body connection. We strive to uphold the Sheppard Method reputation of empowering our students with movement and awareness for optimal health and wellness.

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Decrease Pain and Tension with Pilates

One way that Pilates can help alleviate back and neck pain is through a decompression process. Pilates allows the body to stretch using precise movements often not found in other practices. Pilates decompresses the spine through stretches that target the hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes. These movements release tension that these large muscle groups and vital connections cause on the back. The leg, back, and core muscles provide the framework for the spine and protect it. If these muscles are tight, they put a strain on the back, often resulting in acute or chronic pain.

Reducing the pull of muscles on the back and neck reduces the pain experienced when the spinal protecting muscles are compromised. The muscles of the back can sometimes worsen pain, as they become tense to provide “protection” for an area of spinal injury or inflammation. Pilates can help to release these spasms and lengthen the spine.

Strengthening the Back and Neck with Pilates

Pilates is an effective exercise for strength building that fosters pain relief. The persistent practice of Pilates can strengthen the abdominals, upper and lower back, and deep core stabilizing muscles. By strengthening these muscles, they provide a framework that better supports the spine and neck while helping the body to change its mechanics.

Students learn to change how they sit and stand, learning the postures of a neutral spine. Being conscious of proper posture reduces tension on the back and neck. Strength building and posture correction help to align the pelvis, further reducing strain on the back.

Pilates and Breath

Pilates also helps to create better breathing habits, fostering relief of tension through breath. Breathwork also connects the mind and body, providing increased oxygen and release of tension through a change in the speed, duration, and depth of breath. Deep, intentional breath increases oxygenation of the blood and promotes healthy blood flow, releases toxins, and aids in relaxation. These effects are often believed to reduce the perception of pain or make the pain more tolerable through the process of relaxation.

Relearning the Mechanics of the Body

Strength training, stretching, and breathwork work together to help students become aware of body mechanics. Awareness of differences in stride, leg strength, postural imbalances, and other unconscious habits provides insight into why back and neck pain exists. Although pain can be caused by injury and at no fault of our own, we often compensate for the area of pain by putting a strain on the opposite muscles or body parts. This can create enduring pain in areas that support an injured part of the body. Back and neck pain can grow over time if these compensations and detrimental habits are not corrected.

Trust the Team Sheppard Method Pilates to Help You Find Wellness

The Westwood Pilates instructors at Sheppard Method Pilates are proud to continue in the Sheppard Method tradition of providing valuable movement guidance and personal care for all of our students. Our team provides instruction that can help students change the way they move, offering solutions for pain that go beyond pain management. Pilates equips students with a body awareness that many other strength training practices do not. It has an emphasis on proper alignment, isolation of muscles, and the connection of mind, body, and spirit. By empowering our students with knowledge of their bodies beyond traditional strength training, our students can utilize what they learn in class to reduce tension and strain on their back and neck.

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