A workout that soothes your mind, body and spirit

Whether it’s within the confines a Pilates studio or a private Pilates practice at home, Pilates connects your breath to your movement and you become more in tune with the proper alignment of your spine, posture and muscle flexibly. Because there’s no stress to your body, it’s the ideal form of exercise. Results include increased strength, circulation, bone density and stamina. You learn proper breathing techniques and move and flow in a more natural state.

Longer, leaner muscles with the flexibility of a dancer

Pilates is much safer and results in fewer injuries than traditional exercise and weight programs. You gain muscle elasticity, joint mobility, a balanced body and increased flexibility and strength. Move with more elegance and efficiency.

A solid core, stronger back and abdominals

Developing your core is essential to fitness. Pilates builds your abdominal muscles and the muscles that are closest to your spine. Core strength builds integration of the pelvis, trunk and shoulder girdle.

A perfectly conditioned body prevents injuries

Pilates is a complete workout for your body, from your head to your toes. Your muscles become more evenly balanced. Your improved conditioning results in increased energy, a greater sense of enjoyment and less chance of injury.

Group and private Pilates is gentle and good for all ages

Pilates is safe, low impact and done in seated or reclining positions – ideal for individual private Pilates at any time or location! We work with clients of all ages and walks of life. From professional athletes, those with injuries, to individuals who are 90 years young! We design custom programs for all ages and conditions including:

Pilates for Seniors

Pilates are gentle movements that our clients in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s love doing because they keep you young. Workouts leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated and with a balanced body. Benefits of Pilates for seniors include being more agile with improved motivation and mental outlook. Most importantly, you enjoy life more because you are moving in a body that’s strong, secure, and flexible.

Pilates for Pregnancy

Stay in shape and more connected to your body throughout your 9-month pregnancy cycle. Sheppard Method Pilates is safe and healthy with a focus on building your core strength, control, balance, posture and breathing to help with your changes from delivery to recovery. Our gentle program has helped our clients relax, stay fit and enjoy their pregnancy even more!

Pilates for Teens

Builds self-esteem, better posture, and stronger muscles while learning about healthy living.

Pilates for Men

Men are discovering the benefits of staying flexible and having better control of their movements by developing a strong center and mind/body awareness. Pilates for men won’t replace the activities that you love, it will enhance them.

Pilates for Brain Trauma

Whether recovering from a stroke, car accident or PTSS, Pilates is one of the best forms of rehabilitation. Private Pilates sessions help improve balance, muscular strength, and most importantly, helps the brain synopsis communicate more effectively with muscles. The Sheppard Method calms and refocuses attention. It restores, to the best of its ability, the full function of the body and mind.