private pilates class with reformer

Consider taking a private pilates class.

Pilates is a great way to help you achieve the balanced body you have been striving for. It is a great workout for building strength in your back and core muscles. And not only does it leave you looking better, it also leaves you feeling better. Most gym facilities offer great classes with pilates instructors for their members to partake in, but have you ever considered a private pilates class with a pilates instructor? There are many benefits to taking a private pilates class. Just a few of them are listed below.

Private Pilates is More Individualized

Private pilates classes are great if you are looking for some one on one time with the instructor. This time gives the instructor, and you, a chance to get to know your body more personally and in-depth so as to create an exercise plan that would work best for you.

Detailed Supervision

As with any physical exercise, it’s a good idea to have a monitor with you. Overworking yourself or suffering from heat exhaustion can happen when training alone. A private pilates instructor is guaranteed to be with you through your exercises and provide a safe environment for you to work in.

Accelerate Faster

By working one on one with the instructor and receiving more detailed instruction than you would in a group class, you will be able to progress at a quicker rate into the advanced exercises. You may even be able to lose weight faster with private pilates.

Private Pilates Classes Are Adaptable For Everyone

No matter your skill level or abilities, private pilates instructors can adapt their exercises and routines to fit you. They want to help your core muscles be strong and be able to do their job, but not by rushing you. They want to help you reach your fitness potential.

Enhance Your Understanding

With one on one instruction from your pilates instructor, you can really learn what it means and how to strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, and improve your posture. All of these things need to be understood before you can reach your balanced body.


While it is great to be able to have access to pilates classes at your local gym facility, wouldn’t it be even better to have a private class in the comfort of your own home? A lot of private pilates instructors will travel to your own to guide you in your exercises.


Besides being used as a source of meditation therapy, pilates is also great for recovering from a sports injury. A private pilates instructor can assist you and your injury more individually than if you were to attend a public class. The outcome could improve how you perform in your sport and other activities.

No Intimidation

The stress from having to work out in front of people you don’t know is lowered by taking a private pilates class. You don’t have to worry if you wore the right clothes or if you are doing the exercises correctly. Your instructor is there to focus on just you. No more worrying about having to ask a question in front of others.

Private Pilates at the Sheppard Method Pilates Studio

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