Risa Sheppard

risa sheppard pilates instructor close up

Pilates Instructor & Creator of Sheppard Method Pilates

Risa Sheppard is one of the most sought after Pilates Instructors in the world by celebrities to individuals with life changing injuries. Risa is the creator of the renowned Sheppard Method Pilates, which teaches the mind, body and spirit connection and personal empowerment. She’s dedicated her life’s work to helping others achieve personal perfection and maintain optimal health, no matter what age.

Risa received a BA degree from UCLA while working at the Neuropsychiatric Institute teaching creative movement to autistic children. She went on to receive her formal Pilates training education working directly with Ron Fletcher, legendary guru of Pilates, and founder of the Fletcher Pilates® which incorporates Graham-based elements of movement and dance into the equipment-centric structure of Joseph Pilates’ original creation.

She is the founder of the Sheppard Method Pilates Studio based in Los Angeles, CA. and the Sheppard Method Teacher Training Program a PMA certified program with successful graduates teaching throughout the world. Her classes can currently be seen on Pilates Anytime, http://www.pilatesanytime.com/instructor-bio/54/Risa-Sheppard-Pilates-Teacher. Risa is the inventor of the Wheel of Fitness, now known as the Ring Flex, which is sold worldwide. Pilates Style Magazine named Risa Sheppard’s DVD, “A Gentle formula for a Strong Body” the best DVD for beginners.

In addition to being a talented Pilates instructor, she is a also a prolific writer on fitness having authored Risa Sheppard’s Fitness Formula for a Firm and Flat Stomach and is on the advisory board of Pilates Style Magazine. Her work has appeared in Muscle and Fitness, City Sports, Total Health and Natural Body and Fitness. She has also been featured in Vogue, Elle, Ladies Home Journal, Los Angeles Magazine, City Sports, The Hollywood Reporter, and American Fitness. Numerous television appearances include being the fitness expert on TNN American Magazine, Shoppers Television Network, KTLA Morning show, and co-host for The Jack La Lane Show. Risa has been profiled on Entertainment Tonight, KABC, KCBS, and KTTV News.

Risa has been a pilates instructor for many clients, which include Ashley Green, Katherine Ross, James Earl Jones, Jack LaLanne, Reba McEntire as well as studio executives, celebrities, professional dancers and athletes. Her work continues to inspire and touch many thousands of lives by bringing out their very highest potential.