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The Most Iconic Pilates Instructors

Iconic Pilates instructors - Pilates outdoors

Who Are the Iconic Pilates Instructors? At Sheppard Method Pilates, our goal is to help you achieve the perfect, balanced body. Whether it’s through private Pilates sessions or classes with…

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Fun Facts About Joseph Pilates

Pilates Instructor shows student how to use Pilates chair

#1 – Before Becoming a Pilates Instructor, Joseph Pilates Originally Earned a Living as a Professional Boxer Joseph was always interested in creating healthy balanced bodies after being born as…

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Pilates Reformer or the Mat?

Group of women using Pilates reformers

The Pilates Reformer or the Mat? Finding the Pilates Method for You With the wide range of Pilates practices available, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding on the method…

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